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Welcome to the Ophelia Podcast with your host, Amy Stark. In this podcast, Amy will be sharing messages of hope, healing and transformation. She'll teach you how to shift your mindset, conquer your fears and become the best version of YOU! You'll get to witness healings as well as hear from Amy's mentors, teachers and about her extraordinary she's been on for well over a decade.

Jun 9, 2020

In this episode, Amy Stark talks with Amy Ronick about how we're all connected through energy to the quantum field. Amy Stark shares some research and experiences she has had over the years that really illustrate how we all are connected.

If you want to learn more about energy medicine, check out Amy's course called the You Are Energy

Books Amy referred to in podcast:
Biology of Belief
Afterlife Experiments
The End to Upside Down Thinking
The End to Upside Down Living
The Energy Healing Experiments
Como Systems (the EMF blocking pyramid)
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