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Welcome to the Stark Transformation Show with your host, Amy Stark. In this podcast, Amy will be sharing messages of hope, healing and transformation. She'll teach you how to shift your mindset, conquer your fears and become the best version of YOU! You'll get to witness healings as well as hear from Amy's mentors, teachers and about her extraordinary she's been on for well over a decade.

May 25, 2021

In this episode, Jessica Pettitt humbly shares how she uses her 20+ years as a comedian to help facilitate tough conversations and get her audiences laughing, reflecting, learning and implementing strategies to help bring about more connection and productivity in the workplace. Amy and Jess met about 20 years ago when they were neighbors in Brooklyn. This conversation is heartwarming, funny, and light-hearted. You’ll even get Jess’ infamous pie recipe! Enjoy!


Jessica Pettitt’s Bio:

Jessica Pettitt, M.Ed., CSP, has always had a foot in two different approaches to her life. Perhaps it is her Texas roots, but she believes to thrive in this world you have to ride two horses at once – one of humility and one of ego.

This is why while hosting and performing stand-up in NYC she also worked as a diversity and inclusion specialist as a day job. She quit her day job after a decade and almost 20 years later still uses humor to deliver actionable content related to everything you ever wanted to know about where leadership and diversity collide but are afraid to ask. Though often referred to as a thought leader, Jess responds that she just makes leaders think.

For Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work to stick, the first step is a conversation that matters about what you don’t know you don’t know, then you can do the best you can with what you have some of the time without getting sued, losing talent, or failing customers.

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