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Welcome to the Stark Transformation Show with your host, Amy Stark. In this podcast, Amy will be sharing messages of hope, healing and transformation. She'll teach you how to shift your mindset, conquer your fears and become the best version of YOU! You'll get to witness healings as well as hear from Amy's mentors, teachers and about her extraordinary she's been on for well over a decade.

Oct 26, 2021

In this very special episode, five ladies bravely share what they have been working on and struggling within their life.

Through Amy's connection with the Divine, each guest gains insights into the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs making them feel stuck and frustrated.

Issues range from not feeling like enough no matter what, to a lack of self-care despite knowing how important it is, to being afraid to share a gift that so deeply wants to be shared, to healing chronic emotional and physical pain.

Throughout the episode, Amy reveals her healing techniques, as well as some helpful mindset shifts and how to do EFT to help release physical and emotional pain. You'll hear laughing, crying, yawning, and even coughing from all the energetic releases happening, but what you will probably feel most, is the unconditional love and appreciation that Amy has for these guests showing up and sharing from their hearts.

By the end of the episode, it becomes clear that these 5 beautiful strangers were brought together because they all are wanting to heal a pattern of not feeling worthy of unconditional love despite unconditionally loving others.

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