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Welcome to the Stark Transformation Show with your host, Amy Stark. In this podcast, Amy will be sharing messages of hope, healing and transformation. She'll teach you how to shift your mindset, conquer your fears and become the best version of YOU! You'll get to witness healings as well as hear from Amy's mentors, teachers and about her extraordinary she's been on for well over a decade.

Sep 20, 2022

From the land of “Stark Vegas,” in this episode, published author Meagan O’Nan speaks to Amy about using the power of storytelling as a tool to find strength, courage, and healing. She’s a solid advocate for the LGBTQ community who tapped into her strength when she was outed in a small town in the South. 

Amy and Meagan unpack the challenges of raising a child with two moms and how that affects their kids, along with the distress they continue to abate from bigotry in our modern society.

They’ll discuss the fears many people have about being vulnerable and how we can look beneath the surface of others’ opinions to understand why they feel the way they do and find forgiveness.

Meagan O’Nan is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and vulnerable storytelling expert. Meagan has spoken to thousands of people at live events since 2008, including alongside internationally recognized spiritual leaders such as don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best-selling book, “The Four Agreements.” She is passionate about creating connections through storytelling as a way to overcome differences and generate healing.

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