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Welcome to the Ophelia Podcast with your host, Amy Stark. In this podcast, Amy will be sharing messages of hope, healing and transformation. She'll teach you how to shift your mindset, conquer your fears and become the best version of YOU! You'll get to witness healings as well as hear from Amy's mentors, teachers and about her extraordinary she's been on for well over a decade.

Apr 28, 2020

In this episode, Amy Stark sits down with Gemma Deller, Psychic, Medium, and Intuitive Advisor, about what it was like to become a psychic and medium and why creating is her "jam.” In this episode Gemma share’s her step by step formula for creating the life you want. You won’t want to miss it. 

To learn more about energy medicine, check out Amy Stark’s course, the "You Are Energy" series.

Gemma’s Bio:

Gemma is a psychic, medium, teacher/inspirer, writer, speaker and podcaster about all things energetic and unseen. For the past 3 decades, Gemma has been mastering and teaching others how to master managing energy and create their optimum reality with practical application tools and techniques. Gemma has a degree in Journalism and a Masters in TV production specialising in documentary so she is all about getting the facts. She uses this investigative approach in her work. She has clients all over the globe as she is highly intuitive and proficient in all the Clairs (voyant, audient, sentient etc.) She is currently finishing creating/writing the pilot episode of her upcoming TV show while studying galactic connections, sacred geometry, the heart field and other related subjects. Gemma’s upcoming podcast is called All Aboard: Magic Carpet Podcast.

Instagram: @gemma_inspires

Twitter: @gemma_inspires   

Facebook: gemmainspires 


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